Why Is My Life Boring? (And How Can I Solve This?)

“I’m bored.” “What am I doing with my life?” “This lockdown is killing me!” “Zzz…” This pretty much sums it all up.

Photo by Zhang Kenny on Unsplash

A lot of times, we are bored. We always look for something exciting and engaging to do, yet we end up laying in bed, scrolling our phones while contemplating how useless we are.


Essentially, boredom is associated with the mind. Boredom only happens when there is an unfulfilled expectation. People feel bored because they could see themselves in a greater life, but they aren’t there yet.

Usually, we are hopeful enough to visualise an amazing life, but we are not hopeful enough to actualise it. That’s where boredom happens. We are in a dilemma, to choose between putting in our efforts and taking risks to fight for our dream, and… laying in bed.

Photo by Filip Mishevski on Unsplash

So… How?

How can we motivate ourselves to remove such boredom in our lives? How can we start to live a life of vigour and happiness? Mainly, there are two aspects to work on…

1. Our Actions

For starters, we have to really work on finding fun stuff to do. This can be healthy entertainment activities, e.g. sports, workshops, games. This can also be value-added activities, like writing, reading, drawing… Whatever you prefer.

Once you start putting in the time and effort to seek for such activities, you will immediately see a change yourself. You become more fun in general. Fully engaging in these activities and trying to learn from it will ensure you a pleasant experience one way or another. You may even activate flow.

  • For the moment, try to briefly think about the things you have always wanted to try.
  • Write them down.
  • Now, you just have to find the right place, time, person and activity for each.
  • Then, you have yourself a list of activities you are going to do in the upcoming days… no more boredom!

It really is just that simple.

2. Our Surroundings

A lot of times, we feel bored because we are always in a dull environment. The regular places we are in (work, school, home…) are not really that engaging. The people we talk to (family, usual friends, colleagues) may become boring as well. Ultimately, if we are constantly in an environment that we got used to, we will eventually want to try more things.

Hence, we have to change our environment. There are two ways: either we make them as energetic as us and eager to seek for fun in life, or we go to a new environment. Obviously, the second is easier as you can completely control it. Normally, we can explore new places, new activities, meet new people and try new experiences. Exploring the unknown is challenging and intimidating because you never know what will be next. However, if you view it as an exciting thing to live for, the fear will go away.

3. Our Perspective

Sometimes, the simplest yet the most complex things change the game completely. How so?

A lot of times, we are bored because we always think our lives are boring, and that the pandemic is putting us on hold. However, if you take a step back, there are people out there who are starving and hoping for a safe home. There are kids out there who are forced by their parents to do exactly what they want. There are workers out there working multiple jobs a day without having the time to take a break. They are the ones who really can’t get to choose if their lives can be more fun and exciting. Meanwhile, you’re lucky that you can.

On the other hand, you only focused on the people on social media who are always living their best lives. You felt jealous and envious. You want that type of life as well, yet you are far from it. What if I told you, the photos they post, the videos they record are just 5% of their lives. The rest of them? Constant work and grinding. Being alone or being lazy. Looking at their phones and wasting their time exactly as you do.

Then, in the middle, you. You are more privileged than ever. You are privileged because you have a safe home, food and wonderful people who support you directly or implicitly. You are privileged because you have a vision you want to achieve (and can achieve). You are privileged because you, better than anyone else, is capable to fulfill your dreams.

You are bored because you are not aware of / is neglecting how much and different things you can do.

You really could just start a Youtube channel right now, or take that photography course you’ve always wanted to join, or just have a nice chat at the cafe with your friend. You really could do , despite the lockdown.

Why not now?

Don’t worry about all the time and stuff. You will eventually work it out. First, think about the stuff you’ve always wanted to do. Change up the context to suit the situation now. Once you took that step out of boredom, what you will see is a vast, beautiful grassland of hope and enthusiasm.

Make that step. Now.

An optimistic being who’s eager to know a little more about everything in his life. On his journey for knowledge, he would be grateful if he can help you too.